Hosts of Engness Podcast


Show Producer

Producer of an English learning platform Engness, also a producer of an apparel brand LightBulb.

I’ll do my best to help your English studying and for having fun with English as if English has changed my life and expanded my world.

Loving Andy Warhol



Hey I am Franny from England!
I am often found either baking cakes, playing video games, watching films, on YouTube or at the pub!

Stereotypically,I drink tea all day, sunbathe in British weather and sarcasm is my forte.

 I am a teaching professional and eager to help with learning English!



“Hello I’m Faith and I’m from the US !

I love animation, watching horror game plays, and spending time with my cats.

I’m shy and thrive in an online environment so come say hi ! I’m mostly passionate about language and I would love to help you out in your English learning journey !”

About Show

Engness podcast is sponsored by Engness which is a Japanese and English learning platform. We will be providing learning opportunities with the help from native English speakers.

Our hosts will be able to give a personal insight to their own culture and home country, while delivering the best quality English language guidance.

Our podcast will have normal episodes which will concentrate on vocabulary, grammar, general tips and discussion on the English language.

In addition to this, we will have special episodes, focusing on what is going on in the world, cultural differences, personal interests and other miscellaneous topics.

We are very happy to help you on your English language journey, so let’s learn together!